The person behind Spankopi

Hi, I am known as Miss_12, a young female Spanko in the kink world usually found OTK.

‘Miss’ can be defined as a young unmarried lady. It also a term used as respect when formally addressing a young woman/lady. Missy derives from the word Miss and I was use to being called this by my teachers at school. May have something to do with my innocence and cheekiness combined.

12 represents both one of my lucky numbers and also the month of my birth. Funny enough, it also represents 12 strokes of… not the cane!! 12 represents a common number used in traditional corporal punishment or indeed just a good old-fashioned spanking.

I created ‘Spankopi’ after I wrote my first Journal expressing my unheard voice sparked on some challenges myself and many others have faced in the community being a diverse minority. My writing spiked from the BLM Movement and killing of George Floyd in the US.

I intend to provide my personal insights of the fetish community, both being a spanko and minority with the vision that my posts are creatively thought-provoking, educational and informative.

On the side of this, I am writing imaginative and innocent stories of a spanko’s utopian world and also reverting back to a life-long hobby of drawing and would very much appreciate your support for both this and my blog. More info can be found here: ko-fi.com/spankopi.