Your Spanking diagnosis: Are you a ‘hard-wired’ Spanko?

Ok this is going to be fun and exciting to talk about… Take the test and you’ll be ‘diagnosed’.

So you think you are a hard-wired spanko do ya? Ok. Ok, we need to check these things out. Let us play a game and find out how true of a hard-wired spanko you really are…

So, from my experience a hard-wired Spanko has certain traits. All you must do is answer Yes or No to the following questions. Then count out the amount of ‘Yes’s’ you have put next to each one, then refer to my scoring below. As part of terms and conditions, please note this is not a well-known tested study, nor is this an established test. I am not a spanko psychologist, psychotherapist, or a neuro-kink doctor, so scores may only indicate and INFORMALLY diagnose you with your ‘spanking condition’.

You have 5mins to complete this test. Answer all questions honestly and please do reframe from going back to the answers and changing your mind after you have scored yourself. Goodluck!

  1. I think about spanking almost all the time, especially when I am not busy.
  2. I looked up ‘spanking’ in the dictionary, or Googled the meaning of it.
  3. I saw spanking in magazines, movies, or cartoons for the first time and was fascinated.
  4. I either dreamed or witness someone get spanked, or was involved in some spanking/Corporal punishment when I was younger.
  5. I regularly crave to either spank or be spanked.
  6. Spanking is my sex/sexuality.
  7. Spanking over sex.
  8. I can have a non-sexual spanking session without wanting sex.
  9. I can look at bums all day every day and just admire them.
  10. I want/have a regular spanking play partner.
  11. My only kink is spanking. This means I am not interested in other areas of BDSM.
  12. I prefer spanking over other fetishes/BDSM/Kink including ropeplay and bondage.
  13. I have looked at a public figure and have imagined spanking/being spanked by them.
  14. ‘I have been into spanking as far back as I remember’ is your common response.
  15. I do not just like to spank a bottom/have my bottom spanked, I am very particular on how it is done.

Ok, time is up. Time to score yourself. Count out all the Yes’s you have and see where you fall in below:

Scores (and what you mean):

0 – 01 – Vanilla Ice Cream: Why have vanilla, when you can have peach sorbet?

02-04 – Toe dipper: Testing the waters, are we?

05-11 – Curious Kinkster: a fellow fetish friend

12-13 – Spanko: You are a Spanko, no doubt about that.

14-15 – Hard-wired Spanko: You were born a true Spanko!

Share your results!

18 thoughts on “Your Spanking diagnosis: Are you a ‘hard-wired’ Spanko?

    • I’m on 13 (but could have gone either way on one of the 2 other questions!)
      A good range of questions, getting to the heart – and bottom – of it!

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  1. I got 13, Responded no to 6 and 15 (6 was an interesting one since I answered yes to the question about spanking over sex….hard to say yes to 6 without maybe saying no to the other question….so either way it was a 13.

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  2. Hello Miss,

    Just found your new blog. It looks like you’re off to a fine start. I’ve been blogging about spanking for almost 15 years. I guess that alone probably qualifies me as a hard wired spanko. If I may be of help, you have my email address,

    I scored 14 because I missed #7. For my husband and me, spankings are sex.



  3. Well, not to brag but that definitely the very easiest (and not for nothin’, least *surprising*) 100% I ever did get on a quiz…


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  4. I said no to #9. Some days I say no to #1, and some days I say yes. So I guess that makes me 13-14, or on the cusp of Spanko and Hard-Wired Spanko. I didn’t need five minutes — didn’t even need one minute. ;-D

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