BLM Movement: Supporting your fellow Black and Ethnic Minority Groups in the Community

Over the course of the Coronavirus, we have seen another pandemic appear. A racism pandemic. Spiralled up once again from the recent killing of George Floyd in the US, many have taken to the streets globally and to social networks to support the movement as well as justice for George Floyd. Supporters come from many size and shapes, from different countries and from different races.

How long do we have to protest, to fight our right to be equal, to not be discriminated against by the colour of our skin, to be heard?I hear this time and time again. I say this time and time again. I experience it time and time again.

My ancestors suffered, my grandparents suffered, my parents suffered, I have suffered…

Our suffering comes in the form of discrimination, social injustice and years upon years of oppression which leads back to the slave trade.

So what is this suffering exactly you may ask? Ok, well without going too much into detail about it, but it clearly is discrimination in all areas of sectors from education to employment. All we ask is to be treated as an equal, not by the colour of our skin, but be judged by our talents, skills, qualifications, personalities. Because that is what every human possesses regardless of gender, race, sexuality, identity, background etc.

So how do we ask those in the fet community to help? What does actual support mean? And I don’t just mean, changing your profile photo black, or joining a protest with a sign saying ‘Black Lives Matter’, it goes way beyond that. Because in a few weeks or months, it will be forgotten all over again unless you use action to make a difference and make change.

So what can I do to help my fellow ethnic minority members?

Here are some tips on how you can ACTIVELY support your fellow kinksters or vanilla acquaintances:

  • EDUCATION: Speak to Black and minority groups, get to understand and know their struggles. Let them educate you. Also read books from black and minority authors, watch black movies on Netflix. Remind yourself about the history.
  • FUNDRAISE: Start a fundraising campaign that would help people in your community to help them in need. Alternatively donate to small businesses / start-ups.
  • INVEST: Buy/Purchase goods and services from minority establishments and businesses – This is hugely important.
  • RECOGNISE: that there are people of colour amongst your community and be sensitive regarding language we use as well as perceptions. (See blog ‘Reddened Bottom’ – Challenges of being a Black Spankee).
  • CELEBRATE: Employ, promote, and speak about Black and minority achievement and success all over the community and be proud.

By doing anyone of these tips above, you are actively playing a part in supporting this movement.

My ancestors suffered, my grandparents suffered, my parents suffered, I have suffered. The question now is, will my children suffer? Don’t let them. Help them. Support them.

4 thoughts on “BLM Movement: Supporting your fellow Black and Ethnic Minority Groups in the Community

  1. This is an important moment. We need to see change and reform in politics and society – eradicating institutional racism, discrimination, social and economic disadvantage and health inequalities.

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  2. Thanks so much for this Spankopi! 🤗🥰

    I’ve never *not* had Black loved ones (not “friends”, not even *true* friends – although I have plenty of those from both my college days and my work in production in NYC – but **loved ones**) since I got to these shores 25 years ago, so I’ve always been ready to throw down for them, and to simply try to be as kind, thoughtful and authentic as I could outside of crises.

    But these past 6 weeks… It’s been amazing – just amazing – to see what can happen so quickly that had seemed like it might never even happen in my lifetime. And I’ve found that friends I’ve had for *years* have now become my creative, relentless co-conspirators and in so many different ways – yes online, but also in the streets, in political campaigns and in using our artistic creativity to attain one particularly targeted goal (a long, long ago grave injustice that we’re finding other allies to address and possibly even bring justice to).

    Like Angelica sings in “Hamilton” as the American Revolution comes to a rolling boil: “Look around, look around, at how lucky we are to be alive right now!”

    It feels that way now. It truly does and— 😭🥰😎🤗.

    Dear Lord did I ever not even kind of expect our nation to be in this place when my family first started our own get-ahead-of-the-curve self-quarantine 4 bloomin’ months ago. 😲


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